Pretreatment and Bleaching

FTR is pleased to introduce you a wide range of auxiliary products specific for pretreatment. These products fully meet the technical and environmental demand of textile market.
New patented application systems are at your disposal to support you satisfying the most demanding technical requests of this sector, bearing in mind the important economical and qualitative aspect. Thanks to these new systems, it is now possible to obtain a performance that was, till now, unachievable.
Our strength is the modern, analytic-applicative laboratory, which allows us to give our customers a most accurate and deepened technical assistance. This is appreciated by the majority of textile customers Please have a go with us and you will be surprised!

FTR also provides you with a wide range of textile auxiliaries for dyeing, suitable for all kind of dyes and applicable to all kind of textile fabrics you may find in the textile market.

A sophisticated laboratory with many different instruments and machines allow our operators to work out many application tests and to achieve, together with our customers, the most various projects, working on mutual targets, ambitions and custom-made solutions, taking advantage of FTR professional assistance.